Zentimo 1.3 beta 2

Jun 13th, 2011

Hi everyone,
Today we are releasing the new beta version of Zentimo. It’s a pre-final release which means that you’ll get a stable version 1.3 soon. In this beta we have fixed some bugs, improved the user interface, tweaked the performance and added a new skin. Many thanks to those who sent us notes, bug-reports and suggestions!

See the full list of changes below or Download Zentimo 1.3 beta 2 now.

New Features

Improved TrueCrypt Integration

  • Now TrueCrypt volume can be launched from a drive mounted as a folder. It’s useful for those who prefer to mount their external drives as NTFS folders rather than drive letters.
  • Added support of portable TrueCrypt.exe. Zentimo can launch it from a portable drive disregarding what drive letter or even folder mount point it has, thus you do not need to install TrueCrypt onto a computer.
  • Fixed bug: TrueCrypt volume cannot be mounted after you changed its host drive letter.

Improved user interface

  • Now Zentimo displays the notifications about the changes in a special notification window that doesn’t overlap the device menu and contains more information.
  • Another little enhancement – a special window that animates the stopping process. Useful when the device stopping is delayed for unknown reason – in this case you’ll see that it’s still under stopping.
  • Earlier the “Menu” button was displayed over the device icon in the stopping menu and might overlap a part  icon. This didn’t look nice therefore we made this button to be a half transparent in order to make the icon visible even if it’s overlapped by the “Menu” button.
  • New “Black Velvet” skin is added and “Black” skin is renamed to “Black Contrast”. While the “Black Contrast” skin is mainly intended for the visually impaired the new skin has less contrast color scheme and therefore is more nice looking for the normal eye
  • Manual on how to create your own skin is added
  • The device menu is now displaying on mouse hover over the system tray icon more smartly. Earlier the device menu appeared every time when you hovering the mouse over the systray icon even if you moved the mouse to the icon of another application. We fixed this rather annoying behavior and now the menu is displayed only if the mouse cursor hangs for some time over the icon.

Fixed bugs

  • Quick Launch Menu hid immediately after adding an app to it and didn’t allow you adding an additional app.
  • The program recognized some external drives as “Composite USB device” and didn’t see their drive letters.
  • “Browse drive” feature in the device menu didn’t work for drives mounted as folders.
  • The stopping menu became too wide when there were a drive mounted as a folder. Now the folder name is displaying clipped in the device menu.
  • The program made excessive requests to its assistant service under Windows XP even if it wasn’t necessary.
  • The device menu sometimes unexpectedly closed when a user trying to do an action in it, even if the mouse was over the menu.
  • Zentimo cannot be closed if there are launched (by Zentimo) TrueCrypt dialog asking for a password to the mounted volume.
  • Some memory leaks fixed. After long work there were memory leaks in the program that might cause increasing memory usage and even program hanging.

Please feel free to download this beta and give us your notes, suggestions or bug reports!

Download Zentimo 1.3 beta 2

5 Responses to “Zentimo 1.3 beta 2”

  1. avatar RePete says:

    Thank you very much…

  2. avatar Anatoliy says:

    Please check link:  “Manual on how to create your own skin is added”. Something is wrong – “Error 404 – Not Found”.

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      Yes, the page was unavailable due to our mistake. Now it’s fixed. Thanks for the report!

  3. avatar Muel says:

    Thak so much.. please full not beta..

  4. avatar rcg says:

    Are you going to offer an upgrade path from USBSR?