Zentimo 1.3 beta1

May 10th, 2011

Hi friends!

We are pleased to present the new beta version of Zentimo. As always we have fixed some of the most annoying bugs and made some significant interface improvements. In this version we’ve added skins supporting. Now you have the ability to choose your preferable skin for Stopping Menu – something to match your system color scheme. The installation pack contains two additional predefined skins, such as “Classic” and “Black” color schemes. How to choose a predefined skin you can see on the following screenshot:

How to create your own skin? It’s easy… Just open one of predefined skin folders (e.g. “C:/Program Files/Zentimo/Skins/Black”) and do the same using your favorite graphic and text editors.

Other changes:

  • We’ve added a scroll bar, which became very useful when you connect a lot of devices.
  • Quick Launch Menu closed immediately after launching an app or adding a new one. Now we made Quick Launch Menu more user friendly. It hangs on the display for a couple of seconds before closing, so you can add numbers of apps for once.
  • If you check the option “Stop device by clicking device Item in stopping menu” you don’t need to use the stopping device button. So, now the button hides when you choose that behavior that makes stopping menu less overloaded.

Fixed bugs:

  • The command “list” of the command line didn’t work properly.
  • All previous versions of the program have a problem working on a multi-monitor system. Program’s windows were displayed on a wrong monitor instead of to be displayed on the primary one. We changed that behavior in this version.
  • Sometimes when the program tries to read a DWord parameter from Windows Registry it appears not DWord, as expected, but String, which led to wrong program behavior.
  • Sometimes a device speed test finished with error.
  • The program locked a folder, which used for saving program’s settings, preventing to delete it.
  • There was a problem with loading program settings if “Decimal symbol” in “Region and Language” options of Windows settings was changed.

Please feel free to download this beta and give us your notes, suggestions or bug reports!

Download Zentimo 1.3 beta 1

8 Responses to “Zentimo 1.3 beta1”

  1. avatar trung duong says:

    I have used your software. It was very useful. Thanks a lot.

    Duong Trung Duong.

  2. avatar Matt says:

    Grt software. Very useful . Thanks  for updating and fixing the bugs

  3. avatar jonbie says:

    The free version works better.

  4. avatar Ahlitah says:

    This beta version seems to randomly freeze the sys win7 64b. when browseing drives. Before if I click on a drive, it will immeditaly open. Now with this beta installed randomly it will freeze for a bit (hd activity light going crazy) before it opens and lists the drive contents.

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      Ahilitah, please send us the report from the program. In order to send the report you should proceed to “Main menu -> Help -> Report a bug”, and in the opened dialog enter your e-mail and a short description of the problem. This helps us to investigate the problem more detailed

      Also try to disable the program and see if the problem can be reproduced without Zentimo.

  5. avatar Bao Hoang says:

    i’ve just installed 1.2 and saw that it listed my ide dvd drive but not my sata bd-rom drive. should it even list an internal optical drive, and if yes, what about the missing bdrom?

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      Hello Bao,

      By default Zentimo shouldn’t list IDE drives, it may show them only if you enable “Display all storage devices” option in the program options.  Do you have this option enabled?

  6. avatar KameSennin says:

    Hi. Testing now Zentimo v1.2. Great program !!
    – I don’t test the last 1.3 beta, but I would like to see support for XP & 7 classic skins for Stopping Menu. I mean similar with the classic XP desktop theme.
    – I have problem to use 48×48 32-bit with alpha icons format for device image. I must use PNG format image.
    – I can’t find any option to sort or move the items under Stopping Menu.
    – For all my external devices, I like to create realistic photo device image. Maybe adding a Zentimo support forum can help to people share custom device images.

    Thanks !!