LockHunter 3.4 released!

Apr 26th, 2021

New version of LockHunter is available! We have added support of high DPI displays, the portable version and fixed some bugs.

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Windows 11/10/8.1/7

Support of high DPI

The previous version of the program displayed blurry dialogs when you work on a monitor with high DPI:

The newer version supports non standard DPI and the UI should look crisp:

Portable version

Per many user requests we have added a portable edition of LockHunter. It’s also supplied in the form of installer but it allows to install the program to an external drive (or even to a cloud drive) and then use it on any computer. The portable version stores its settings in a configuration file (rather than the registry) and save log file to the folder of its executable. It doesn’t have an integration to Windows Explorer and as installable version requires administrative permissions. It will run on both Windows 64 bit and 32 bit (though, there are less than 5% of our users are still on it).

This our first experience with portable software so your suggestions or notes on how can we improve it are very welcome.

Bugs fixed

  • An error displayed when the program was maximized on the previous start

Update from Oct 27th, 2021

  • Bug fixed: Winget couldn’t read the program version, therefore it always displayed LockHunter requires upgrade

Download Now!
Windows 11/10/8.1/7

How to update from the previous version?
Just download and install the required installer over the previous version. You do not need to uninstall the previous version.

20 Responses to “LockHunter 3.4 released!”

  1. avatar Cristian says:

    Thank you so very much for this application and your continuous development on it!

  2. avatar Russell says:

    Excellent program and a lifesaver.
    Where can I make a donation ?

  3. avatar ahdung says:

    Great, it is nicer than other same kind tools.

  4. avatar Donavyn says:

    Saved my computer, couldnt delete a bunch of shit due to a previous infection destroying permissions even though i retained admin control and ownership of the folders. lockhunter couldnt delete it for me, but enabled me to rename the folder and delete it through CMD. for some reason it couldnt find the directory before it was renamed.

  5. avatar Antony says:

    The best software of its kind. Excellent job!

  6. avatar Mario Duran Garcia says:

    I can’t download the new version due to SSL error. Your page is not secure.

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      Hi Mario,
      I’ve checked it and I can see everything is OK with the SSL certificate. Check the time on your PC, if it’s too old the browser may show you the error. If you still cannot download send me the screenshot of the error to support@crystalrich.com

  7. avatar Jaime Lopez says:

    Hello! I really like this program. Any plans to include the lockhunter entry in the new windows 11 context menu?

  8. avatar Dennis says:

    Hello, Igor!
    Some questions about software update.
    Do I need to uninstall prevoius version of LockHunter before the installation of the newer version?
    What is the correct update procedure?

    Thank you for a very useful app!!!

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      Hi Dennis,
      Thanks for your nice words!

      Just install the newer version over the previous one. No uninstall is required.

  9. avatar culmencasa says:

    greate works! why portable installs?

  10. avatar dublove says:

    How to add “LockHunter” to UAC separately to prevent pop-up:
    Do you need to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device?

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

    Change to: RUNASINVOKER

    No effect

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      Hi dublove,
      At the moment I don’t know any workarounds to make UAC not displayed when LockHunter started. But I will consider to implement this feature in the following versions.

      P.S. Pay your attention it’s not OK that Windows shows the program is from an unknown publisher. The program is signed with the certificate and in UAC dialog you should see “Verified Publisher: Crystal Rich Ltd” signature. It’s likely your version is modified or corrupted and you should replace it with the version from our site: //lockhunter.com/download.htm

  11. avatar Failed to unlock and delete uninstalled fonts says:

    I’m using the NexusFont(https://www.xiles.app/) software and just installed the font’s shortcut to C:\windwos\fonts.
    Now, I uninstall the font first, and then I want to delete it, but I can’t.
    I just use Unlock Hunter, and it prompts that it cannot be unlocked…

    You can view screenshots here:

    Usually you need to restart the computer, when no software is opened, it is automatically unlocked, and you can delete fonts.

  12. avatar refinali says:

    Hi, a great software, it has managed to do what the payed and famous couldn’t do – remove a locked dll. Thank you so much

  13. avatar Вячеслав says:

    Здравствуйте, программа огонь, постоянно выручает, но она малоизвестна потому что у нее нет других языков перевода, поэтому она и проигрывает по популярности. Сделайте ее мультиязыковой, я понимаю что там и переводить то нечего, но обычный Юзер в ней растеряется. И мне не нравятся кнопки, все мелкое, а вот версия мне очень нравилось, все наглядно и красиво.
    Это ладно, но перевод на другие языки очень нужен.

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      спасибо за замечания, постараюсь учесть в следующих версиях.

  14. avatar Spidey says:

    I edit a lot of art with Photoshop, which unfortunately retains a lock on the last file it opened, so I use LockHunter at least a dozen times every day. I have used other tools that do the same job, but having the function available in the explorer context menu has made my life just a little easier. Thank you for this fine utility.

  15. avatar R7 says:

    Can you please add a flag to disable opening a new tab in default browser after install?
    Or better yet remove this feature entirely (atleast for unnattended install users).

    I understand the need to promote the program and thank the user but when using the INNO Setup /verysilent flag it’s annoying having to find a way to either kill default browser via conmandline or manually close the thank you tab.