USB Safely Remove 6.4 released!

Apr 27th, 2021

This version adds some interesting and important new features – system wide device name change, preventive flushing of disk buffers on forced stop, improved device stop and bugfix.

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Windows 11/10/8.1/7

System wide device name change

Now when you change the device name in the program you will see the same name in the Device Manager, the Windows drive properties and in all other programs that displays devices. A useful feature when you need to use the device in other programs.

Preventive flushing of disk buffers

Now the program flushes the disk buffers (for storage devices) on the forced device stop. This maximizes the data safety of your drives.

Improved forced stop

The previous versions couldn’t forcibly stop devices consist from a drive and a virtual CD. Usually this virtual CD contains some software that allows to unlock the encrypted content of the drive. That software in turn prevents the whole drive to be safely removed. The new version allows to forcibly stop even such drives.

Bug fix

  • The device menu wasn’t displayed in some multimonitor configurations
  • The device menu button (three dots) was overlapped by the Browse button when the “Display device name” option was disabled
  • In some cases technical error displayed on device stopping
How to update from the previous version?

Just download and install the required installer over the previous version. You do not need to uninstall the previous version. If your upgrade subscription is over feel free to extend it.

Note, this update will be also free for owners of the license keys expired after June 23rd, 2020 – the date of the previous release 6.3

Download Now!
Windows 11/10/8.1/7

13 Responses to “USB Safely Remove 6.4 released!”

  1. avatar Jürgen Lüthje says:

    Many thanks for USB Safely Remove! I couldn’t live without it anymore. :-)

    Kind regards, Jürgen

  2. avatar Ron Griffith says:

    How do I determine the version I currently have? I can’t find a version numbre anywhere in the program. Thanks!

  3. avatar JN says:

    Thank you for the new version.

    The blog above contains this: ‘When forcibly stops the device the program now flushes [. . .]’ That is not English, I’m sorry to say. Nor is, ‘The previous versions couldn’t forcibly stop devices consist from a drive [. . .]’

    • avatar Mark Egan says:

      It’s very bad English and doesn’t convey any meaningful information. Maybe they should hire a technical writer who actually speaks English. The program itself however, is very useful and beats Windows safely remove hands down.

      • avatar Gera says:

        ‘It’s very bad English and doesn’t convey any meaningful information’ – yes it does. I am not a native speaker either however have no problem understanding what blog author intended to say.

  4. avatar Víctor René says:

    USB Safely Remove is one of those simple programs that once you try it you CAN’T live without it. Windows 10 ruined my ability of turning off/ejecting disks in AHCI mode and it was a pain to turn off the computer every time I wanted to change the disk or turn it off. Not anymore. Thank you so much!

  5. avatar Владимир says:

    Замечательная и очень нужная программа.

  6. avatar Nick Madahar says:

    Is this upgrade free?

  7. avatar Bill says:


    After you install, they tell you that this version will not work and you need to buy ANOTHER license. They are too stupid to check BEFORE installing so now you need to find the old install files and reinstall. No offer to back out the upgrade.

    What a pack of assholes.

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      Hi Bill,
      Thanks for so kind words :)

      Your license key upgrade period expired in 2016, but that doesn’t mean you must purchase the new version. In case of the expired key after the install of the new version the program allows you to either test it out (with purchase reminders from time to time) or to downgrade to the previous version. Just in case if you missed the downgrade button in the program here you can find all previous versions (your last available version is 5.3).

      Of course we will consider adding your suggestion in future versions – to show a warning about a paid upgrade in the installer.

  8. avatar Milo Antonio says:

    Kindly remind me to upgrade to the newest version on February 15, 2022. Thanks. More power to USBSafelyRemove.


    quiero actualizar este programa gracias