USB Safely Remove 6.3 released!

Jun 23rd, 2020

We are glad to announce the new release of USB Safely Remove 6.3! This version has added two new skins: dark and light, BitLocker support, service issue troubleshooter, documentation improvements and major bug fix.

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Windows 11/10/8.1/7

New Skins

Two new skins were added: Win10 Dark and Win10 Light to make the program looks more native on your Windows desktop. Furthermore you can always make your own skin, it’s easy.

Menu button

A small ellipsis button is added to the device row in the menu. It allows to call the context menu, the same as if you right click to the item.

BitLocker Support

Now the program supports BitLocker encrypted drives. It is correctly starting the autorun programs (if you setup any) only after you have unlocked the drive. Besides it allows you to call the BitLocker password prompt by clicking to the browse button:

Service Issue Troubleshooter

Internally the program consists from two parts: the GUI application (USBSafelyRemove.exe) and its assistant service (USBSRService.exe). This service is installed during the installation and works in background doing such low level operations like device stopping, returning, scanning for processes and many more that require more privileges. Sometimes this service became stopped because user or some software (system cleaner, antivirus, Windows update etc) had terminated it which makes the program function inappropriatelly. Now the program can detect what has happened to the service and automatically resolve the issue in a click:

Documentation improvements

The program manual was updated and became online by default. It means that when you press F1 or the “Help” button somewhere in the program the manual is opened on our site. We are no longer distributing the manual “CHM” files in the installer that makes the installer smaller and gives us more flexibility in updating the docs. However you can still download it on the download page and save to the program’s folder for offline use.

Bug fix

  • Device menu stolen focus from active window and didn’t return it on close
  • Out of memory: In rare case program shown technical issue on start with Windows
  • The device menu become garbled when scrollbars were displayed
  • Technical error were displayed on attempt to stop device when the assistant service is disabled
  • The device menu might be truncated above when the app icon is in the hidden system tray area
  • In rare cases the device can be displayed as “disabled” even if it’s active
  • Drive size wasn’t displayed for a disk without a filesystem
  • Search magnifier didn’t display on the icon when you run “Scan for hardware changes” from the main window
  • Global Hotkeys became non working after closing of the Settings dialog with Cancel or “x” button
  • In a multimonitor system the device menu called with the keyboard shortcut could be inappropriately positioned
  • Command line stopped wrong drive when you specify its folder mount point
  • On some configurations links and buttons that open our web site (e.g. “Request new feature”, Revert to the previous version”, “Order now”) did not open anything
  • Technical error was displayed on attempt to return back stopped but just yanked out device

Update from June 26th, 2020: 6.3 hotfix 1

  • System sound didn’t play in Win 10 after device stopping
  • Italian language file minor improvements
How to update from the previous version?
Just download and install the required installer over the previous version. You do not need to uninstall the previous version. If your upgrade subscription is over feel free to extend it.

Download Now!
Windows 11/10/8.1/7

4 Responses to “USB Safely Remove 6.3 released!”

  1. avatar JohnB says:

    Fantastic! Keep up the good work!

    It would be great if someone could post a bunch of auxilliary icons for various other USB devices, such as security keys (Yubikey, et. al.) various images of specific types of external drives, et cetera!

    • avatar Peter Blaise says:

      32 x 32 pixels is the target to convert any image using free IrfanView or other imaging program, and store them as icons *.ico files in

      C:\Program Files (x86)\USB Safely Remove\DeviceImages

      I find images via a Google Image search for my device,
      save and copy an image into IrfanView,
      edit, resize it to 32 x 32 pixels,
      and save it as icon *.ico.

      Yes, it would be nice to have a repository at ChrystalRich where we all could share our custom icons with some kind of identifying nomenclature.

      Or even have USB Safely Remove look up an icon according to it’s Windows plug-and-play ID, and download an iconic image from the repository, or even browse the web for us to import and auto-convert to icons for us.

      Problem … my HP integrated Webcam actually physically looks like this to me:

      [ ● ]

      That’s it, that’s all I have is a dot-hole on my laptop monitor screen frame, and it’s actually black-on-black, virtually invisible.

      What else is it supposed to look like?

      But Google Image search for images of the device ID

      [ USB\VID_1BCF&PID_2C03&REV_2211&MI_00 ]

      … and … not very helpful.

      The 67 existing sample images in the program are pretty generic, and do at least communicate the schematic philosophy of a device, if not visually looking exactly accurate for a particular manufacturer’s model number design.

      To some extent, this is an art, the magic of iconic symbolic communication, having a different meaning for each of us, and we’re essentially on our own to decide what looks like what makes sense to each of us.

      Thanks for exploring this and sharing.

  2. avatar Peter says:

    Great, thank you so much for continuing to develop this very useful utility.

  3. avatar Theresa Orosz says:

    I have version 6.0.9 1263 Installed on backup computer (got it thru giveaway of the day a few years ago) It comes up unregistered eval version but I do have key. I just got pop up about new updated version How much is it. I do have key and registration but comes up unregistered. How much is the new me thru main email address kr***@**ca This is for my other comp