Zentimo 1.1 final released!

Dec 21st, 2010

We are pleased to announce the final release of Zentimo 1.1, which has been under development since August. We have added more than a dozen new features, made UI more polished and greatly improved stability of the program. See below the full list of changes or just download the program if you read our previous beta posts.

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Windows 11/10/8.1/7

What’s new in this version since Zentimo 1.0?

Disabling of Windows Autorun & Autoplay

One of the most requested features for Zentimo was an ability to fight with Autorun viruses. We do not want to compete with antivirus software so we decided to add a dumb but a hundred-percent guaranteed way to get rid of autorun viruses on your computer: option to fully disable native Windows autorun & autoplay features.  Autorun viruses infect your computer through windows autorun & autoplay so by disabling them fully the autorun viruses just won’t run.

You can disable Windows autorun & autoplay through the Local or Global Autorun settings.

See the following articles to read more about native Windows Autorun & Autoplay:

Reworked main icon

We have redesigned Zentimo’s main icon making it more attractive and cheerful.

Improved device menu

Now device menu has much more pleasant behavior when you hover mouse over it. It doesn’t blink as the menu of v.1.0 when you hover mouse over it and the controls aren’t overlapped by their hints.

Ability to power off drives on stopping

When you safely remove the device in Windows XP it powers the device off – in case of a flash drive its led was switched off and in case of a portable hard drive it was spun down. But Microsoft changed this behavior in Vista and it still exists in Win 7: after you stop the device on these OSes the hard drive continue spinning and flash drive continue lighting. All modern hard drives park theirs heads automatically when you unplug them so in theory this behavior shouldn’t lead to data looses or drive damages. But in practice the hard drive usually sound strangely when you unplug them on run and this makes a hard drive owner being a bit nervous when he hears that.

If you wish to power off your drives after their stopping go to the Program Options and enable the “Power off the device after the device stopping” option:

Then reboot the computer and enjoy the desired behavior of your drives.

Bunch of other new features:

  • Possibility to unfix drive letters for not connected devices
  • TrueCrypt integration improvements: mounting from the menu, custom parameters for mounting the volumes
  • Quick Settings Wizard for new users
  • Settings import from ‘USB Safely Remove’ on installation
  • Changing the license key if one is expired
  • ClearType and system font support
  • “Copy to clipboard” button was added to Speed Test Results window
  • Predefined templates to run Total Commander and Explorer were added to the Global Autorun
  • Ability to eject\return CD\DVD-ROM tray

And a lot of bug-fixes:

  • The tray right click context menu sometimes didn’t hide
  • Hints in the device menu overlapped the controls
  • Some dialogs can be displayed behind the device menu
  • Drive letters on pop-up systray balloon now are displayed more appropriately
  • The quick-menu didn’t close automatically if a device is stopped by pressing “Enter” key
  • The error of connection to service on attempt to return two devices at the same time
  • An animation of device stopping was hanging even if a device was not stopped yet
  • The results of device speed test was not correct if the test was interrupted before it finished
  • Native “Safely Remove Hardware” icon sometimes didn’t hide
  • TrueCrypt volumes couldn’t be mounted if TrueCrypt container path contains spaces
  • “Stop All” feature didn’t function properly in many cases
  • The program sometimes couldn’t add TrueCrypt volume when user set it up
  • “Properties” window by clicking the “OK” button
  • “Stop device” button was displayed for card reader in case if “Never disconnect card reader” option is enabled
  • The quick launch menu sometimes didn’t fit into the screen
  • Autorun processes didn’t launch if an application path contained a system environment variable

As usually we are constantly improving Zentimo so feel free to send us any your notes or suggestions for future development.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Windows 11/10/8.1/7

15 Responses to “Zentimo 1.1 final released!”

  1. avatar Srinivasulu says:

    I already installed this software.
    Is this 1.1, a free upgrade or will I be prompted to enter a license after buying it?
    How do I know which version I have?

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:


      >Is this 1.1, a free upgrade or will I be prompted to enter a license after buying it?

      If you own a paid license and your upgrade subscription is still active you can upgrade for free. If you have one of free licenses we gave away at giveawayoftheday.com or from our site you should purchase a license.

      >How do I know which version I have?

      You can see the license information (what your license is) in the license email. And you can see your current version in the “About program” window. To see it right click to the tray, choose “Help” -> “About Zentimo” menu item.

  2. avatar Ernazarov Dilmurod says:


  3. avatar Johan says:

    Thanks, for this great new version. And many thanks for adding the new power off feature. I was one of the sequesters, so I very happy with that.
    Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!

  4. avatar Anthony Jackman says:

    I hope this is better than the shit you put out before. Anyway, I will not be installing your trojan software. I installed a trial version of an earlier release of this shit, uninstalled it & the shit is still on my computer & affecting my mouse & other features. SHIT, I tell you.

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:


      When you uninstall Zentimo it must completely remove itself from your computer. So you either confuse our software with some another program or it’s just a bug. Please contact us at support form and we will be happy to assist you in uninstallation.

  5. avatar Greg Bern says:

    have 1.041029  says lifetime lic for 1.0 vers.  will it be free update or cost ,
    not where my lic email is to get more info.
    I get popup saying scan for errors when reinstalling flashdrive. will new version help this.?  or might be a comp just using the default remove prog.

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      > have 1.041029  says lifetime lic for 1.0 vers.  will it be free update or cost , not where my lic email is to get more info.

      Your upgrade subscription period should be clearly stated in your license text and also on about program page (go to the menu -> Help -> About Zentimo). It’s likely that you have a free promo license that valids only for version 1.0. Anyway if you have any troubles with identifying your subscription period feel free to contact us.

      >I get popup saying scan for errors when reinstalling flashdrive. will new version help this.?

      It seems you removed your flashdrive using unsafe removal. Just scan for errors and in future try not to remove a flash drive using either native safe removal tool or Zentimo.

  6. avatar P. Eeved. OFF says:

    In responce to Greg Bern Jan 2 2011 @ 10:46pm,

    If you are a Lifetime License holder just make sure that Zentimo don’t try to reset your Lifetime License to the same “Pay for UpGrades/Updates” License that the rest of us (who weren’t lucky enugh to know about or buy Zentimo early enough) have been forced to buy!

    Signed: Many_Peeved_Off_Zentimo_License_Holders/Owners

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      Hi Peeved off,

      We are sorry to see you pissed off our license policy (that it’s actually normal for commercial programs), but we never twisted arms to our users to make them purchase the license. If you do not like to pay for upgrades you can pass the upgrade and stay with an old version or just don’t purchase the software.

      Anyway thanks for your feedback!

  7. avatar Klaro says:

    Is there any support for Windows 2000 available in older versions or planned for future upgrades?

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      Hi Klaro,

      No one version of Zentimo  support Win 2000. Furthemore the number of users that use Windows 2000 is getting lower and lower so we will probably do not support this OS even in future upgrades. However our USB Safely Remove is still supporting Win 2000.

  8. avatar CR says:

    I have a small and simple question…
    How hide the systray icon when no USB to stop?
    Thank you, and regards for so good software :-)

  9. avatar Martin says:

    Guys, Thanks very much for this great piece of adaptable software. Been having a nightmare win Win7 not wanting to list the devices to safely remove for more than a minute. Zentimo not only looks good and is quick to react to required removals but they way I can now assign the drive a special Icon. The way my movie disk can now be permently listed as a specific Drive ID is great, tried using Win7 Storage manager to do this but would randomly assign a different drive letter.
    Well done all thanks for a great piece of software.