Zentimo 1.8 released!

Dec 22nd, 2014

We are happy to announce the new release Zentimo 1.8. The new version contains a feature to remind about forgotten devices, compatibility with Windows 10, changed license key format and software protection, ability to deactivate selected Windows services on safe removal and bug-fix.

Update from 6 jan, 2015: Zentimo 1.8.5 released, read more

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Windows 11/10/8.1/7

Forgotten devices reminder

If you forget to take out a device in the computer before you go out the program will remind you about it when you power off or log off the system. By default the feature is enabled but it can be easily disabled if it does not need.

Windows 10 compatibility

At the moment Windows 10 is in the “developer tech preview” status, however we have tested and made the program compatible with this OS. So if you wish to play with Windows 10 USB Safely Remove will help you to manage external devices even there.

Forced stop improvement

Some Windows services such as Distributed Link Tracking Client and Windows Search could prevent device stopping on some systems. Therefore we have added an ability to temporarily stop such services. Now in case of unsuccessful forcible stop of the device the program can stop the selected services attempt to stop the device again and activate back the services.

License key format change

We have changed our software protection system and the license key has a new format. It means that your old license key won’t be accepted and it must be converted. The new license keys should look like this:


If you have a valid license key the program will automatically update it through the internet immediately after the installation. If you do not have an internet connection on the machine or blocked the internet access for the program with a firewall you can use this form to convert your license key. Also use this form if you wish to have a copy of your new key in your mailbox for further reinstallations of the program.

Note! If your license key upgrade period has expired to this date your key will not be upgraded to the new format, but of course you can still use it with the previous releases

Minor improvements

  • Windows 8 and up: Global hotkey to call device menu is automatically assigned to Ctrl+Win+S because our default Win+S is reserved for Windows Search. On Windows 7 and previous the default hotkey is still Win+S
  • An option to never show again some message dialogs (e.g. forced stop warning) is added

Bugs fixed

  • The program increased system timer frequency which might cause an increased power consumption
  • The program could crash after loading a malformed .ICO file
  • Windows 8 and up: On some systems physically removed devices were displayed on the list
  • On some configurations the program could crash on startup (then it was possible to run it manually)

Update from Jan 6, 2015: Version 1.8.5 released

This release includes fixes for some important bugs. It’s recommended to upgrade to it if you use version 1.8. What’s fixed:

  • Some devices were not longer displayed in the new version
  • Results of device speed test were not displayed on the screen
  • Some valid license keys were considered as expired and the program became unregistered
  • In some cases the license key could not be entered
  • Some other minor bugs fixed

How to upgrade? Just download using the blue “Download” button and run the installer, it will do the upgrade automagically. If your upgrade subscription is over feel free to extend it.

Download Now!
Windows 11/10/8.1/7

14 Responses to “Zentimo 1.8 released!”

  1. avatar Negotio says:

    Nice to some development on this program again. There was not much development in the past two years. I have purchased this tool a short time after release and am still very happy with it. Unfortunately my upgrade period has expired and the last release did not provide enough benefit to renew it. In fact it just solved some minor bugs, which did not bother me seriously. The Windows 10 compatibility is a big progress. So I will definitifly purchase the upgrade, when switching from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Till then I will wait not to unnecessary waste some time of my upgrade period. Hopefully there will be a nice deal then ;)
    I strongly recommend everybody to give this tool a try. The only draw-back is the time-based upgrade policy. So may be you should also wait for Windows 10. Hopefully the new Windows will push a further development on this tool.

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:


      Thanks for the feedback and for the nice words about the program! Yes there weren’t lots of new versions last time, we had to invest our time in project related things other than new features. However we will try to improve that in the next year.

  2. avatar Omitnez says:

    First of all, at least two links on your website are not functional:

    1) The link to download the ZIP version of the 1.8 installer (on page http://zentimo.com/startdownload.htm) results in the following:

    Page not found… http://zentimo.com/assets/exe/zentimosetuppro_1-8-3.zip
    We are really sorry but the page you are looking for was removed or never existed on our web-site. Try to search the required information on our web-site:

    2) The link that’s supposed to tell you how to enter the new-style license key (on page http://zentimo.com/convert-license-key-success.htm) gives the following result:
    Page not found… http://zentimo.com/enterkey.htm
    (with the same “We are really sorry…” afterwards).

    Secondly, a question: I am currently running v1.7.5, but my subscription has expired. If I download and install v1.8.3 and decide NOT to buy an extension to my subscription, will my version revert back to 1.7.5 after the 30 day trial period, or will I have to uninstall v1.8.3 and then reinstall v1.7.5? If the latter, will I lose any settings I currently have with 1.7.5?

    Finally, to Negotio: You may want to look at the lifetime subscription extension. In US dollars, it’s only $15 more than the two year extension (or about 60% more). I’m not sure which of these options I’ll choose, but the lifetime extension seems like a pretty reasonable option, and then you wouldn’t have to worry about “timing” your purchase of a new license.

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:


      We have now fixed the issues you specified (1 and 2), you can download zip with the link above if you need it. Thanks that you mentioned it!

      Now you can install Zentimo 1.8 and use it for 30 days and if you don’t need it, you can just download 1.7.5 and install it over the previously installed v. 1.8 (the uninstallation of it is not required).


  3. avatar Richard says:

    I’ve had Zentimo installed fo many years and would NOT do without it. I have a perpetual license, and I just installed the latest version upgrade….It seemed to do the license conversion process automatically..and works fine… My only question is if I need to reinstall in the future…I don’t have a copy of the converted key?  How can I get a copy of the converted key ?

    • avatar Omitnez says:

      In answer to your question “How can I get a copy of the converted key ?”
      Go to this page: http://zentimo.com/convert-license-key.htm
      On that page you enter your original “old-style key”, and it will then generate the new one (which you can copy-and-paste into some document for your own records).
      If you don’t have your original key, go here: http://zentimo.com/restoreLicKey.htm
      You can then enter the email address you used to register/purchase Zentimo, and the original key will be emailed to you (and then go back to the previous step to get your new key).

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your support and nice words on the program! And as Omitnez said you can request the key through Restore license key form.

  4. avatar DrTeeth says:

    I have v1.7.1.224 and have not upgraded my licence mainly due to the lack of updates. The product itself is remarkably mature, but I would be looking at less than $7 to upgrade (if one has not lost the right to do that if one ‘misses’ a year) and about $10 to purchase a year’s licence due to the lack of development.

  5. avatar Gal says:

    Still problem with centering “removable window” after user login. First time is allays on bad place (left top corner) , second time is on the screen center.

  6. avatar Gal says:

    imageshack.com/i/exP6f1zJj – first popup window
    imageshack.com/i/exP6f1zJj – second and next popup windows.
    Something is wrong with calculation position first time. It is of course minor bug, nothing critical but irritating.