Zentimo 1.1 beta2

Oct 18th, 2010

Hi folks, the new Zentimo 1.1 beta 2 is ready for beta-testing! We have fixed some annoying bugs, got rid of the device menu blinking, made the program easier for novices and added some interesting (and frequently requested) features.

New features…

Quick Settings Wizard For Novices

When a user installs Zentimo for the first time, the program asks a lot of questions offering to choose different settings (sometimes at an inappropiate moment), thus distracting a new user from learning the program. Therefore, we decided to put all of the most changeable (and important) program options into the one dialog displayed after the first installation. Thus we allow a user to quickly setup the behavior of the program and they are introduced to the major program features as well.

Importing settings from USB Safely Remove

Those who use USB Safely Remove can import their settings into Zentimo on its installation so that you do not need to setup the device names, images and other settings in Zentimo.

Changing the license key

We also added an ability to change the license key when the previous one has expired.

Windows Autorun & Autoplay Disabling

One of the most requested features was an ability to fight with Autorun viruses. We do not want to compete with antivirus software so we need something else than  have added a simple (but hundreed-percent guaranteed!) way to get rid of autorun viruses on your computer: option to fully disable native Windows atorun & autoplay features.  Autorun viruses infects your computer through windows autorun & autoplay so by disabling them fully the autorun viruses just won’t run.

You can disable Windows autorun & autoplay through the Local or Global Autorun settings.

See the following articles to read more about native Windows Autorun & Autoplay:

Bugs fixed…

  1. Sometimes Windows restarts its native safely remove service and the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon appears on the system tray even if  an option “Replace native Safely Remove Hardware Icon” is checked. We have changed that behavior. Zentimo periodically checks  “Safely Remove Hardware” service state and hides icon if it appears on the tray.
  2. On occasions, TrueCrypt volumes couldn’t be mounted if the path to TrueCrypt container contained spaces.

Interface improvements…

We have escaped of the annoying winking of the device menu elements (such as menu items, images, buttons etc) that you could see in the previous versions when you were moving the mouse over the device menu .

Download Zentimo 1.1 beta 2

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  2. avatar Neil says:

    I wanted to take advantage of your giveaway, I have been using 1.0 Beta, and attempted to download 1.0 as shown on your website. When I click on the link I get 1.0.4 and the license key you sent me in the email is not valid for that. What am I missing?