Zentimo 1.1 beta1

Aug 31st, 2010

We are pleased to announce our first beta-version of Zentimo 1.1. New beta contains a critical bug fix, new features and interface improvements.

New features:

  1. The “Fix drive letter” feature was improved and optimized. The “Drive letters” page in “Options” window contains a list which shows all fixed drive letters and allows you to control them if you have not the device at your fingertips or you lost it. You can select and unfix the drive letter to use it for another drive. See screenshot below: 
  2. Did you set the TrueCrypt volume with “TrueCrypt Integration” feature? You can mount it manually through the quick-menu like on screenshot below: 
  3. We also added an ability to set additional TrueCrypt mounting parameters in “TrueCrypt Integration” feature.
  4. We added an ability to open/close a CD-ROM tray to eject or load a compact disc.
  5. The “Speed test results” window was improved. We added an additional button to clipboard the test results.
  6. We added the predefined templates of Total Commander and Explorer to the Global Autorun.

Bugs fixed:

  1. The program was hang up in the time of stopping a group of devices by clicking “Stop all” button if one of the devices has got opened files which locked its drive.
  2. Bug in “TrueCrypt Integration” feature. The program tried to create a TrueCrypt volume, which was already created, when user closed the “Properties” window by clicking the “OK” button.
  3. “Never disconnect card reader” option didn’t work properly. The “Stop device” button was shown on a card reader menu-item in the quick-menu even if the option was checked.
  4. The quick launch menu sometimes didn’t fit into the screen.
  5. Some Autorun processes didn’t launch if an application path contained a system environment variable.

Interface improvements:

The window that displays a device stopping/returning process was removed. Now you can see the stopping animation directly in the quick-menu.

Download Zentimo 1.1 beta 1

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  1. avatar Daniel Tricot says:

    Please send me a key  for enregister prog Zentimo as indicated in Microhebdo N°648 p38  Thanks

  2. avatar Steven says:

    The program says there is an update version, but I cannot find it and it still opens a text editor instead of a web page on my machine for all the help context links.

  3. avatar salles says:

    chave de registro

  4. avatar Gina Santos says:

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