Zentimo 1.0 Final!

Jul 27th, 2010

After several months of beta-testing and fine tuning, we are excited to announce the final release of a new tool – Zentimo 1.0!

This version is now available for purchase, and as promised, we’re offering significant discounts on Zentimo purchases to existing customers. Learn more about purchasing and discounts on the Zentimo Order Page. In addition, several minor bugs have been fixed, and we have improved the appearance of the tray icon.

Read further to learn about the many new features that distinguish Zentimo from USB Safely Remove.

  • More powerful and informative device menu
    Now with this menu you can see the device drive volume and free space, display hidden devices in a click right in the menu, and do frequent actions in a click such as browsing a drive or launching a portable program
  • Honest drive speed test
    The program can show the real performance of your device
  • Portable application quick launch menu
    Just a menu where you can add programs from your drive and run them in a couple of clicks.
  • TrueCrypt integration
    Your TrueCrypt containers that are stored on external drives can be handled like a part of device: you can see them on the device menu, they can be automatically mounted/dismounted on device connection/disconnection and even if a program prevents TrueCrypt volume from being stopped Zentimo allows you to see and unlock such programs.
  • Portable settings
    You can set up your device name, image or app quick launch list once and these settings will be available on the other computers where Zentimo is installed

And this is just the beginning, we are going to add many more features to make it a full-fledged external storage manager! It doesn’t mean that we will  stop working on USB Safely Remove, it will stay an elegant and lightweight tool for safe hardware removal without hassles and we will develop it in this vein. Our goal is to provide the most appropriate tool for your needs: if you need something simple and easy, consider USB Safely Remove, but if you need more features at your fingertips choose Zentimo!

Download Zentimo 1.0 final

Purchase the license

Purchase the license with 50% off (for USB Safely Remove customers only)


License policy of Zentimo differs a bit from USB Safely Remove‘s. You can still use the program for lifetime and on each of your computers,  but there is a different approach to upgrades. Zentimo has three kinds of personal licenses: basic (with one year of upgrades included), two years of upgrades and of course lifetime upgrades. After your upgrade period is expired you can either continue with the latest version or purchase maintenance renewal which costs a fraction of the initial license price.

Real life shows that the only lifetime upgrade policy like in USB Safely Remove is not a good practice since our user base and support loading grows while the revenue stays the same, so we have to spend more time to support users and less to improve the program. This is good neither for the company nor for our users.  We are going to implement such upgrade policy in USB Safely Remove as well, but of course this will concern only new customers, those who already purchased the lifetime licenses will get lifetime upgrades. Promise is promise.

Update from August 28th: Licenses with lifetime upgrades are no longer available to sell. Only licenses with one or two year upgrade subscription are available. However everyone who already purchased the licenses with lifetime upgrades are eligible for lifetime upgrades.

7 Responses to “Zentimo 1.0 Final!”

  1. avatar Peter says:

    Hi, I wanted to know what happen to the promotion that was suppose to go in effect at Bitsdujour.com for august 2? I’m a user of USB Safely Remove and had the chance to get the 50% off on Zentimo when it was announce July 27, we never received any explanation as to why the promotion was removed. I’m hoping you can answer that question. Thanks

    • avatar Zentimo says:

      Hi Peter,

      I apologize for that inconvenience. Unfortunately we had some pricing confusion with bitsdujour therefore we had to temporarily delay the offer. We are working hard to resolve the issues and offer the promo ASAP.

  2. avatar Manfred says:

    as there is no german distributor I’m not interested to pay in $

    • avatar Zentimo says:

      Hi Manfred,

      Actually you can pay with euros and even use local bank transfer- popular in Europe payment method. Contact us if you need more help on this matter.

  3. avatar Fred says:

    Don´t get the beta testers the first final for free usually?
    As it seems not every company has such an offer. Softmaker company let me beta test their office suite for windows mobile but also no free license for the full version that came out a few weeks ago.
    Paragon let me alpha test their HFS+ driver for windows and didn´t give me a free license even they claimed on the alpha test registration page they would do so. :-(

  4. avatar intelms says:

    wonderful! It is very useful for usb server, stable and robust.

  5. avatar sickandtired says:

    I’m so sick of things like this, be upright and stand by the offers and to purchase a new license every year or 2 in this day and age? Get real.