USB Safely Remove 6.1.5 released!

Sep 8th, 2018

It’s a small update mainly with fixes of the bugs found in the version 6.1. Here’s what’s fixed:

  1. The native safely remove hardware icon sometimes didn’t hide on program startup
  2. Some devices were not displayed in the program since version 6.1
  3. Some devices could disappear from the menu after their stopping (if the “Display all storage devices” option was disabled)
  4. Generic USB icon assigned automatically for web cameras in Win 10 (instead of the webcam icon)

Note! If the program doesn’t display some devices check you have enabled the following options: “Display surprise removal devices” and “Display all storage devices” in the settings. And vice versa if you see unneeded devices you can disable these options.

In versions 6.0 and earlier these options were working incorrectly: even if they were disabled the program still displays some devices that these options must hide. Since the version 6.1 these options are now working in a correct way, but you may not see some of your devices until you enable one of the options.

How to upgrade? Just download using the blue “Download” button and run the installer, it will do the upgrade automagically. If your upgrade subscription is over feel free to extend it. Note, this update will be also free for owners of the license keys expired after May 27th, 2017 – the date of the previous release 6.0

Download Now!
Windows 11/10/8.1/7

8 Responses to “USB Safely Remove 6.1.5 released!”

  1. avatar Simon says:

    Thanks for the continued work -I have had this program for what seems like forever, and it is used multiple times daily: I still think it is superb and worth every penny – I would not be without it.

  2. avatar Baby B The Hague says:

    Love your program – I noticed some malfunctions earlier in the functions you improved so thx for today’s update.

  3. avatar Peter says:

    Too bad my license ended 02-02-2017 :(

  4. avatar Charles Specht says:

    I am receiving your updates as a “paid license holder.” However, I’m not using the program and I don’t know my license key. If I am, in fact, a paid license holder, please send me my license key so I can use the program. Thanks.

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      Hi Charles,
      I’ve resent your license key. In future you can always restore it from the program. Just go to the main program menu -> Help -> “Restore license key”. The program opens the web-site page where you can resend the license to your registration email.

  5. avatar karnana says:

    thank you for this wonderful tool that saves me a lot time and money.

  6. avatar Lee Simpson says:

    Hi, I am running version
    License type:
    Free giveaway license valid for version 6.1 only.

    Can you please tell me if this upgrade is applicable for me.

    It’s a great program.