TrueCrypt Integration. How to use it.

TrueCrypt integration feature allows you to control mounted volume from the  device menu, automatically mount\dismount volume on device insertion\stopping, see for processes preventing the volume from being dismounted and etc, in short you can operate your TrueCrypt drive located on external device as if this drive is a partition of the external drive.

How to add TrueCrypt volume to Zentimo, step by step manual:

1. The first step toward using TrueCrypt volume will be opening the “TrueCrypt Management” page in the “Device Properties” window:

When you move your external device from one computer to another the drive can everytime be mounted with different drive letters. In this case if you use a portable version of TrueCrypt you should specify a relative path to the TrueCrypt.exe file instead of using a drive letter. In order to do a relative path you can use the %Partition1% parameter, e.g: %Partition1%\TrueCrypt\TrueCrypt.exe. By the same way you can specify a relative path to TrueCrypt container located on the drive.

2. When you specified all TrueCrypt volume data and pressed the button “Create virtual volume” you will see that your new TrueCrypt volume had been added to volume list as on screenshot below:

If you have other  TrueCrypt volume as a container or whole drive partition you can click on “Create new virtual volume” item in the volume list and repeat operations described above.

3. Click on “OK” button to save settings and mount TrueCrypt volume right now in the dialog below:

4. If you press “Yes”, you will see the TrueCrypt password prompt window:

5. After you entered your password your new TrueCrypt volume will have been mounted and displayed in the quick-menu as a device drive. Then you can carry out some actions over the volume through the quick-menu such as:

  • Dismount the TrueCrypt volume;
  • Launch portable applications located on the TrueCrypt volume;
  • Browse TrueCrypt volume in your favorite file manager.

6. When you are trying to stop the device all mounted TrueCrypt volumes will be dismounted automatically. You can also dismount a volume by clicking on “Dismount TrueCrypt volume” button in the quick-menu.

7. Before device stopping the program tries to dismount TrueCrypt volume (of course if you setup it in the program for this device) and if some processes prevented it from being dismounted the program shows them in the “Cannot stop device” window. Then you can either close applications that are locking your volume and click to “Stop Again” button or just do one click to “Forced Stop” button and the program will try to close the listed processes or just their files automatically and dismount your volume immediately and then stop the whole device.

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