New Zentimo Icon Vote

Nov 8th, 2010

Hi! As you may know we have got a new main icon for the program and at the moment we are trying to improve displaying of the device numbers on systray icon (they are displayed if you enable a special option). We are deciding where to place the number: leave it at the same place – the right bottom corner, or move it to the left bottom. We are a bit between the horns of a dilemma on this decision so we kindly ask your opinion on it. Please see the illustration below and write us what do you like more.

129 Responses to “New Zentimo Icon Vote”

  1. avatar Mick Barker Sr. says:

    No. # 1 is the Best One.

  2. avatar Kerry Dobson says:

    I like the first one better.

  3. avatar Steven says:

    I like the second one, but I liked the old round one better.

  4. avatar John Wood says:

    No. # 1 is the Best One.

  5. avatar Theo Mandel says:

    I like #1 best

  6. avatar matt says:

    2 is better

  7. avatar Phil nixon says:

    I’m for #1

  8. avatar Billy says:

    No. # 1 is the Best…

  9. avatar Neostar says:

    I think the first one is better

  10. avatar Bubu says:

    2 is better

  11. avatar joopzelf says:

    Number one is the one for me.

  12. Number 1 for sure. The little arrow in the second one adds too much information for such a small item. #1 is simple, clear, and easy on the eye and fits uniquely in the task bar.

  13. avatar ykorn says:

    No. 1 is better, but I think it would be better to move the numeral a bit away from the ‘z’ and enlarge it a trifle.

  14. avatar grumpy_o_g says:

    Please leave it alone.  Why does it need changing, especially for something that takes up more space in the tray.  The current I can read without my reading glasses, even the number of devices, the rollover gives me exactly what I need – why is this an improvement?
    Ironically one of my first thoughts about Zentimo was how good the tray icon is.

  15. avatar José Manuel says:

    A mi me gusta el numero 2 por lo de la flecha y no me acaba de llenar el numero tan encima de la Z no se que dificultad conllevará hacerlo pero yo probaria a ponerlo como en la imagen 1 que está fuera de la Z pero en lado contrario ,gracias por el esfuerzo que estais haciendo y sobre todo por pedir opinioniones.

    • avatar anton says:

      José, Thank you for your opinion.

      However, it would be better if you try to write in English here, as me.

      I think there is not everybody speak Spanish. :)

    • avatar Rick says:

      Rough Google translation:

      I like the number 2 as the arrow and I just filled the number as above Z is not that difficult it becomes to do it but I would try to put as in Figure 1 which is outside but in side Z Otherwise, thanks for the efforts you are making and especially for asking opinioniones.

  16. avatar glanrab says:

    I would prefer No. 1, it looks more natural.

  17. avatar Rick Tuinstra says:

    I prefer #1

  18. avatar Dae Powell says:

    I don’t like either one.  Sorry.

    Happy Dae·

  19. avatar Владислав says:

    № 1, однозначно (цифра крупнее и нет отвлекающей оранжевой стрелки)

  20. avatar Evgeny Kugushev says:

    If sample 1 is same as now (number of devices upper orange arrow, that in not presented in samlpe), sample 2 is better.
    But I think that better – place the number of devices in center of the icon and increase size.

  21. avatar Michael Vandamme says:

    No. # 1 is the Best One.

  22. avatar Fernando says:

    Me gusta el icono de USB SAFELY REMOVE. Era perfecto y muy parecido al estándar de Windows. ¿Eso sí, porqué no hacéis un icono blanco como los propios del Windows 7? quedaría muy elegante. Con el número de un color que no sea blanco….naranja por ejemplo….quedaría muy bien…tal y como está el #1 pero la Z blanca y el número naranja (u otro color)…incluso si no hay ninguno, poner un 0.
    Muchas gracias.

  23. avatar Jim Hayes says:

    I like the old one the best, so my vote is neither.

  24. avatar elmoyeldo says:

    First icon is better…

  25. avatar nene says:

    The first choice is more clear imho.

  26. avatar Mike Hendrix says:

    the second one is better if the 5 did not eat up too much of the Z . Upper left with the 5 on the second one is the winner

  27. avatar Dejan says:

    The second is my choice.

  28. avatar Rob says:

    I liked the round one much more…..

  29. avatar Rob says:

    …..and if it has to be the new one, can you put the number in the middle?

  30. avatar Dave Bone says:

    I think number 1 is best.

  31. avatar Les says:

    Number 1 ..  & Z to change !! Conflicts ZoneAlarm ????

  32. avatar Johan says:

    I vote for Nr. 1! Program first, then number of devices. Please.

  33. avatar Rick says:

    #1 looks cleaner.

  34. avatar anon says:

    go for number 1!

  35. avatar akokai says:


  36. avatar Al says:

    2 for it’s AESTHETIC or pleasing appearance!

  37. avatar Allan says:

    2 is better

  38. avatar MarcusR says:

    2 ist besser
    Greetings from Germay

  39. avatar Gisela says:

    I like #1 best.
    All the best,
    also from Germany

  40. avatar Luciano says:

    I like n.1 ico

  41. avatar Albert Carbó Jordà says:

    The first one rulez!

  42. avatar KOLANICH says:

    usb safely remove icon rulezz

  43. avatar Rockster says:

    Number 1 icon is easier to read if you have a laptop with a smaller screen. The number has some dark blue for the background which makes it stand out better than #2 which has some of the lighter blue from the Z and makes you have to squint or strain to see what digit is being selected. With a bigger monitor, it probably doesn’t make a difference. I am using a laptop with an 11.6 inch screen and the #1 icon is easier to read on this computer. With the dearth of netbooks out there and laptops with smaller screens, you need an icon that displays clearly on on screen sizes. So, those are my comments.

  44. avatar Mark Latimer says:

    I like # 2 the best

  45. avatar Dmitry says:

    I think that  better  place the number of devices in center of the icon and increase size

  46. avatar Dmitry says:

    No. # 1 is the Best One.

  47. avatar Gerardo says:

    Number 1 is the best for me.

  48. avatar Ariestya Dibyanugraha says:

    In my opinion, number of attached devices isn’t so important to be shown. It would be much better if the icon has an “there is no device attached” state like USB Safely Remove has, because the tiny yellow color in the bottom of the Z is too small to be seen.