New Zentimo Icon Vote

Nov 8th, 2010

Hi! As you may know we have got a new main icon for the program and at the moment we are trying to improve displaying of the device numbers on systray icon (they are displayed if you enable a special option). We are deciding where to place the number: leave it at the same place – the right bottom corner, or move it to the left bottom. We are a bit between the horns of a dilemma on this decision so we kindly ask your opinion on it. Please see the illustration below and write us what do you like more.

129 Responses to “New Zentimo Icon Vote”

  1. avatar Geeforce says:

    I vote for icon 1!

  2. avatar thanhtai2009 says:

    icon 1st –> Larger logo :D

  3. avatar ZimbiX says:

    I reckon the second one’s a lot better than the first one. Displaying the device count on the right hides the orange arrow in the icon, and just looks odd to me.
    I’m loving the new logo – lol@ the coincidental similarities between the new Zentimo logo and my Zimbi co. logo (which can be seen on my website) =P

    • avatar anton says:

      Hi ZimbiX,

      Thank you for so detailed comment. However it seems the first one has the most votes. Lets wait and see other opinions.

      • avatar ZimbiX says:

        Yes, it is a pity. Hiding the orange arrow changes the feel of the icon, and it loses a distinctive feature helps draw attention to it in the task tray.
        How about solving the problem at hand by simply adding an option to change which side the number is displayed on?

        • avatar anton says:

          Thats very constructive idea. Of course we already though about that. And perhaps we will do that in the future. But now we have 29 different variants for tray icon, because it is not easy to draw anything on icon dynamically and that it looks perfectly. So, if we add an option we will have to add another 10 icons for numbers on other side. 39 icons overall. :)

  4. avatar gora says:



    variant 2 is pleasant for me more, but.
    I am not sure that in this variant it will be good to look digit “1”
    I vote for a variant 1

    • avatar anton says:

      Thank you.

      It just because numbers are look better on a soft background. It easier to recognize them. But unfortunately the nice orange arrow is disappeared.

  5. avatar retolsch1961 says:

    I vote for neither…why…I don’t think you’re quite there yet true 1st icon is larger but is more easily seen  by the  orange arrow  my suggestion is make the “Z” bolder and add a space between the number and the orange arrow.

  6. avatar Ramiro says:

    icon 1 is more simple, why vote for him

  7. avatar Rudy says:

    I vote for the simplicity of icon 1  for visible devices. This may help to avoid losing devices to forgetfulness.

  8. avatar kachouri says:

    for me, i vote for icon number 1 ;-)

  9. avatar Roberto says:

    I vote for the number 2.

  10. avatar kambiz says:

    I vote for n 2

  11. avatar e_sos says:

    Number 2

  12. avatar ken fang says:

    icon 1 is much better.

  13. avatar Andreas says:

    My vote goes to #2

  14. avatar graylox says:

    absolutely the 2nd variant!
    The arrow should be seen, that icon has a very dynamic effect.
    The “foot” of the Z with the number on the left and the arrow on the right implies to me: You can go on working, no need to reboot, as with Windows Safely Remove Hardware ;)

  15. avatar MerleOne says:

    I want an arrow ! Like in USBSafelyRemove.
    Now, between 1 and 2 I chose 1 !

  16. avatar ha14 says:

    The first one is classic whereas the second one is dynamic, well if you can provide both then the user can choose. Z is importnat so in second is little crowded if you remove the 5 and added on the top right over the arrow then will be better. If i have to choose then will go with icon 1.

    • avatar anton says:

      Thank you for suggestion about top right corner. But I’ve just tried to do so and unfortunately the icon became overloaded. :)

  17. avatar otieatkins says:

    Number 2… Thank You

  18. avatar sakora says:

    1, clear, no mess

  19. avatar Francis Vandenplas says:

    Definitely # 2

  20. avatar Alecos says:

    I vote for icon “1”… it’s more simple and look feel ;-) However Icon “2” it’s a bit more complex than Icon “1”. I supposed to find more icon to vote and not only “two” icons ;-) However… good job! ;-)

  21. avatar corno says:

    Option 1 looks better to me, but not sure how it will work in practise. Either way, leave it in the right-bottom position, please.

  22. avatar YossiD says:

    Option 1 with the number on the right is clearer to me.
    Personally I’d like to have back the icon from USB Safely Remove since I am used to it. Any chance of an option for that?

    • avatar anton says:

      Thank you for your comment. Perhaps we will add an ability to choose custom icon. But, as I mentioned above, it’s not too easy to draw additional symbols on the tray icon dynamically.

  23. avatar Ron says:

    I vote for #1.

  24. avatar Brian says:

    I think number 2 is more distinctive!

  25. avatar Jason says:

    I like 1 – because the device number appears on a solid background color and is easier to read. Placing the number over the top of another graphic (so it is visible behind the number) only makes the number harder to read. (The number tells me far more than the Z icon does).

    • avatar anton says:

      Jason, thank you for the detailed comment.

      • avatar Jason says:

        On further thought – I think the user should be able to choose at runtime – other programs let users choose which tray icon they want to use.

        Another idea – for Icon #1 –  make the number / orange arrow flash alternatively when a device can be removed…  (Treat the arrow as another ‘number’ and animate between arrow and number for 5 seconds when device can be removed).

  26. avatar ToGor says:

    *1* – move it to the left bottom

  27. avatar Mendez Yuri says:

    I vote for option 2

  28. avatar Bertrand G says:

    Definitely # 2

  29. avatar daddyman says:

    No. 1 gets my vote. It is easier to see the numer at a glance. Simple is better.

  30. avatar Not_Bob says:

    I vote for icon 2. I like the arrow. To be honest, I am not sure about how useful the number is to me. Although not related to the icons, I would prefer a way of identifying the devices in the list a bit better. I seem to always have to search through the list to find the device I want to remove.

  31. avatar Glen says:

      If you look at the “Z” as the main vision of the icon, then realize that choice #2 hides most of the lower portion of the “Z”.  True you still can see the Arrow which some people like, but in choice #2 you can’t make out the “Z”. My choice has to go to #1 because it is clean and I can see the whole “Z”. It seems natural that the number replaces the arrow. 

      If you look quickly at the tray bar and see an arrow then you know you don’t have any USB devices attached. But if you look and don’t see an arrow but see a number then you have that many USB devices attached. So #1 is far better for cleanliness and accurately informing the user what is going on.

  32. avatar ukdirector says:

    I vote for icon 1 its cleaner, people with ageing eyes would not see icon two as clear as icon one.  So clean simple is better.
    Best Regards.

  33. avatar Michael Plant says:

    I find the number on the current icon used in the latste beta (icon 1, above) to be attractive but difficult to read in practice on Win 7. Thus, I don’t really like either choice that much. I would actually vote to retain the UBS Safely Remove icon, or a derivative, if that were a choice…

    However, if pressed to choose from above, my vote is for icon 1. As ukdirector notes, it’s not as busy as the other choice and likely easier to read. Why not provide both in the next beta and let us test them out in the real world?

    • avatar anton says:

      Michael, thank you for your suggestion. Perhaps we will make it optional, but not in 1.1 final. If my opinion is interesting for you, I would like to have a choice which of numbers location to see on the icon. :)

  34. avatar mastentop says:

    I vote for 2 , colors bring life

  35. avatar jn says:

    I vote #1, simple and clear

  36. avatar Victek says:

    I like #2.  As already noted it doesn’t hide the yellow arrow and I think that looks better.  Thanks!

  37. #1 is clear, but #2 is IMHO better – orange arrow is now feather in the cap for Zentimo.

  38. avatar Leland says:

    I vote for icon #2.  I like it as it shows you click the icon to remove the drive from the system.  For new users unfamiliar with your software this will be a much better option.  As I tend to tell users whose systems I work on about your software the other icon will likely confuse them.
    One other thought I don’t really think you need to show how many devices are connected in the icon as this can be confusing also.  I think it better to show this when you hover the pointer over the tray icon.

  39. avatar Nick says:

    Icon number one! Don’t ask me why! :D

  40. avatar Brett says:

    I like icon #2.  Nicely done guys.

  41. avatar Nitin Chauhan says:

    i like #1

  42. avatar WillowMoonWolf says:

    Both icon designs are real nice and the decision is a  minor tough one.  However,  I will vote for #2.  The orange arrow grabbed me. :)  Perhaps some of the suggestion above could be incorporated in the next update.  The suggestions sound good and can only enhance the program. 

  43. avatar Thomas says:

    I´m for Icon 1
    Greetz Thomas

  44. avatar LanMan says:

    What if you take the icon (in number 2) and move the “arrow” to be displayed ABOVE the number(s) shown?  In this way, you could have the best of BOTH depictions while not having the number(s) or “arrow” obscured!? ;-)

  45. avatar LanMan says:

    Of course, since the display of the number of removable devices is “optional” then (probably) the BEST compromise would be the display the number(s) ABOVE the arrow so that (at a glance) you could see how many devices were detected as well as leaving MOST of the existing functionality in place so as now to confuse the typical user! ;-0

  46. avatar LanMan says:

    Of course, since the display of the number of removable devices is “optional” then (probably) the BEST compromise would be the display the number(s) ABOVE the arrow so that (at a glance) you could see how many devices were detected as well as leaving MOST of the existing functionality in place so as not to confuse the typical user! ;-0
    I had meant to say/type ‘not’ rather than ‘now’ ;-(
    Ever have one of those ‘days’ where your typing speed exceeds your ability to proofread before you click on ‘submit comment’ ? ;-(

  47. avatar jedy says:

    I vote for n 2