New Zentimo Icon Vote

Nov 8th, 2010

Hi! As you may know we have got a new main icon for the program and at the moment we are trying to improve displaying of the device numbers on systray icon (they are displayed if you enable a special option). We are deciding where to place the number: leave it at the same place – the right bottom corner, or move it to the left bottom. We are a bit between the horns of a dilemma on this decision so we kindly ask your opinion on it. Please see the illustration below and write us what do you like more.

129 Responses to “New Zentimo Icon Vote”

  1. avatar Andre Pratama says:

    Mmmmmm… #1 it just simple and clearly to see.. but if without Number, i prefer #2
    but, i have something in mind..has anyone ever wondering, Zentimo tray icon with some mmmm (what’s the word) familiar symbol that really show “’s the icon to safely remove your usb device..” like Windows tray icon to safely remove (arrow), cause honestly my friends (don’t have Zentimo Soft) always didn’t know where’s the tray to safely remove usb devices..but it’s just some thought.. :D

  2. avatar RePete says:

    I like # 1 best.