LockHunter 3.3 beta 3 is available!

Sep 25th, 2019

In this version we have reworked the user interface and added an ability to manage files to delete on OS restart.

Reworked UI

We have improved the user interface to make it more intuitive, simple and modern. Feel free to send us or post here any your notes or suggestions on this change.

Manage Delete On OS Restart File List

Now, after you add some files or folders to delete on OS restart you can see the link at the bottom with the number of files to remove:

By clicking on it you can see or remove files you have added to removal on OS restart

Beta version warning

Pay your attention this version is a beta version. Despite we tested it thoroughly it still may contain some bugs. So use it at your own risk. And of course if you find any bugs or have notes feel free to report us.

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Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/XP

5 Responses to “LockHunter 3.3 beta 3 is available!”

  1. avatar t23111 says:

    Please add:
    1. Portable version.
    2. In the settings, select the Dark Mode.

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      We will add the portable version in the next beta and the Dark Mode will be added in the following version.

  2. avatar Johan says:

    LockHunter 3.3 is unfortunately unable to delete some MS Word files (.docx) which are on the Desktop.

    I get the message : “Some files cannot be deleted on OS Restart!”

    Can you recommend what I shall try next?

    • avatar Igor Tkachenko says:

      It might be just a file system corruption. Have you tried to run “chkdsk” command on the system drive and then attempt delete the file?

  3. avatar Sergio says:


    Please add HiDPI display support.