LockHunter 3.3 beta 1 is available for testing!

Mar 16th, 2019

In this version we have added some frequently asked features like multiple file select and as usually added new bugs fixed some bugs.

Multiple file selection

Now you can choose several files or folders at once and the program will show you all locking processes and allows to delete them.

Drag and drop support

It’s now possible to drag and drop files or folders from Explorer or a file manager to the program’s window.

Bug fixes

  • Improved performance of locking process scan
  • GDI objects count grows with each UI refresh
  • The icon in the Explorer context menu had white background, now it’s transparent
  • If asked to delete directories on OS restart it falsely reported they were deleted, while actually it didn’t that

Beta version warning

Pay your attention this version is a beta version. Despite we tested it thoroughly it still may contain some bugs. So use it at your own risk. And of course if you find any bugs or have notes feel free to report us.

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Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/XP

8 Responses to “LockHunter 3.3 beta 1 is available for testing!”

  1. avatar Cristian says:

    Thank you so much for keeping this app updated!
    It’s the best I have used so far!

  2. avatar Константин says:

    Спасибо, что вы есть!
    Unlocker пригоден лишь на 32х битных системах,так что ваша программа – лучшее,что есть на х64!

  3. avatar Mark says:

    Hi, great program
    and many thanks for updating it.
    The last issue reported in the fixes I have seen so a welcome fix thanks!

  4. avatar NH says:

    I greatly appreciate this program and thank you for updating it.
    It is a great utility tool.

  5. avatar Huib says:

    Thank you for all the work involved in keeping up this program. Thirty years ago I also did programming work, so I know how much time and effort is needed. I highly appreciate your work!
    Cordially, Huib.

  6. avatar Guillaume says:

    Good news !
    A useful tool which had never failed :)
    Hope to see the relase cancidate soon !

  7. avatar mau370 says:

    Thanks a lot for your awesome program!!
    I use it for long years ago, and it served me with efficiency and safety;
    Cordially, Maurice

  8. avatar Sergio says:

    Thanks for the new version. Wonderful program.