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Zentimo 1.4 final released!

Aug 30th, 2011

We are glad to announce the new release of Zentimo 1.4! The new version includes some minor UI improvements and critical bug fixes so it’s highly recommended to upgrade. Download now or read more below.

Download Now!
Windows 11/10/8.1/7

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Zentimo 1.3 beta 2

Jun 13th, 2011

Hi everyone,
Today we are releasing the new beta version of Zentimo. It’s a pre-final release which means that you’ll get a stable version 1.3 soon. In this beta we have fixed some bugs, improved the user interface, tweaked the performance and added a new skin. Many thanks to those who sent us notes, bug-reports and suggestions!

See the full list of changes below or Download Zentimo 1.3 beta 2 now.

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Zentimo 1.3 beta1

May 10th, 2011

Hi friends!

We are pleased to present the new beta version of Zentimo. As always we have fixed some of the most annoying bugs and made some significant interface improvements. In this version we’ve added skins supporting. Now you have the ability to choose your preferable skin for Stopping Menu – something to match your system color scheme. The installation pack contains two additional predefined skins, such as “Classic” and “Black” color schemes. How to choose a predefined skin you can see on the following screenshot:

How to create your own skin? It’s easy… Just open one of predefined skin folders (e.g. “C:/Program Files/Zentimo/Skins/Black”) and do the same using your favorite graphic and text editors.

Other changes:

  • We’ve added a scroll bar, which became very useful when you connect a lot of devices.
  • Quick Launch Menu closed immediately after launching an app or adding a new one. Now we made Quick Launch Menu more user friendly. It hangs on the display for a couple of seconds before closing, so you can add numbers of apps for once.
  • If you check the option “Stop device by clicking device Item in stopping menu” you don’t need to use the stopping device button. So, now the button hides when you choose that behavior that makes stopping menu less overloaded.

Fixed bugs:

  • The command “list” of the command line didn’t work properly.
  • All previous versions of the program have a problem working on a multi-monitor system. Program’s windows were displayed on a wrong monitor instead of to be displayed on the primary one. We changed that behavior in this version.
  • Sometimes when the program tries to read a DWord parameter from Windows Registry it appears not DWord, as expected, but String, which led to wrong program behavior.
  • Sometimes a device speed test finished with error.
  • The program locked a folder, which used for saving program’s settings, preventing to delete it.
  • There was a problem with loading program settings if “Decimal symbol” in “Region and Language” options of Windows settings was changed.

Please feel free to download this beta and give us your notes, suggestions or bug reports!

Download Zentimo 1.3 beta 1

Zentimo 1.1 beta4

Nov 12th, 2010

Hello, friends!

We are pleased to present the new beta version of Zentimo. The most important thing we’ve done in this version is an ability to power off devices after stopping in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

A bit more story on this feature. When you safely remove the device in Windows XP it powers the device off – in case off a flash drive its led was switched off and in case of a portable hard drive it was spun down. But Microsoft changed this behavior in Vista and it still exists in Win 7: after you stop the device on these OSes the hard drive continue spinning and flash drive continue lighting. All modern hard drives park theirs heads automatically when you unplug them so in theory this behavior shouldn’t lead to data looses or drive damages. But in practice the hard drive usually sound strangely when you unplug them on run and this makes a hard drive owner being a bit nervous when he hears that.

In order to enable this feature you need to set  “Power off the device after device stopping” option in the Quick Settings Wizard just after installing the program:

Or you also can change this option in the Program Options later:

After the option being changed you need to reboot the system in order for changes to take effect.

Bug fix:

The tray context menu didn’t hide automatically when it loses the focus.

Interface improvements:

Displaying the number of devices in the tray icon was improved. The number was made more clear and moved to the left side of the icon so that it will not interfere with the orange arrow and our icon stays consistent (this number is displayed only when you enable the correspondent option).

Language updates:

We’ve updated following languages: German, Italian, French, Bosnian, Czech, Hebrew, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Serbian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Lithuanian. Many thanks to our translators for their help!

Download Zentimo 1.1 beta 4

New Zentimo Icon Vote

Nov 8th, 2010

Hi! As you may know we have got a new main icon for the program and at the moment we are trying to improve displaying of the device numbers on systray icon (they are displayed if you enable a special option). We are deciding where to place the number: leave it at the same place – the right bottom corner, or move it to the left bottom. We are a bit between the horns of a dilemma on this decision so we kindly ask your opinion on it. Please see the illustration below and write us what do you like more.

Zentimo 1.1 beta3

Oct 29th, 2010

Hi everyone!

Today’s beta has few changes but it contains one nifty improvement that we wish to share with you as soon as possible.

We have reworked Zentimo’s main icon making it more attractive and cheerful. You can see it in the large size below and in a small size in your tray after you install the update. Feel free to send us your opinion regarding the new icon look. How do you find it in your tray?

We have also fixed some bugs such as:

  1. The quick-menu was not being closed automatically if a device has stopped by clicking “Enter” key.
  2. The error of connection to service if one is trying to return more than two devices at the same time.
  3. An animation of device stopping was hanging even if a device was not stopped yet.
  4. The results of device speed test was not correct if the test was interrupted before it finished.

This beta also contains following language updates: German, Italian, French, Polish, Dutch-Belgium, Latvian, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish. Many thanks to our translators!

Download Zentimo 1.1 beta 3

Zentimo 1.1 beta2

Oct 18th, 2010

Hi folks, the new Zentimo 1.1 beta 2 is ready for beta-testing! We have fixed some annoying bugs, got rid of the device menu blinking, made the program easier for novices and added some interesting (and frequently requested) features.

New features…

Quick Settings Wizard For Novices

When a user installs Zentimo for the first time, the program asks a lot of questions offering to choose different settings (sometimes at an inappropiate moment), thus distracting a new user from learning the program. Therefore, we decided to put all of the most changeable (and important) program options into the one dialog displayed after the first installation. Thus we allow a user to quickly setup the behavior of the program and they are introduced to the major program features as well.

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Zentimo 1.0 beta3 (TrueCrypt integration)

Jul 2nd, 2010

We are happy to present you a new beta version of Zentimo: 1.0 beta 3! In this version we worked mainly on integration with TrueCrypt and did some other improvements as well.

TruCrypt integration

As you may know, there was an ability in previous versions to automatically mount/dismount TrueCrypt volumes located on external storages using our feature to auto run applications on device connection/disconnection.  But there are some lacks with this approach:  you cannot see the TrueCrypt’ed drive on the device menu, you cannot manage it from the menu (browse drive, assign quick-launch list and etc) and in the end whenever you stop the drive (we mean an external drive that stores a mounted TrueCrypt volume) you cannot see what processes lock the TrueCrypt container’s drive. In the new version we have made a decision for these issues and let you operate your TrueCrypt volumes located on external drives like they are a part of the external drive. Now using TrueCrypt integration in Zentimo you can: Read more »

Zentimo 1.0 beta2 is available

May 1st, 2010

We are glad to present the new beta-testing version of Zentimo. We have fixed a few critical bugs, added some important options and made some interface improvements. See more details below:

Bugs fixed

  1. Sometimes the program hangs or falls down on attempt to stop a device.
  2. After closing device stop menu, it didn’t return the focus back to a previously active window.

Portable settings engine improved

We have significantly improved portable settings engine. What are “portable settings”? This feature makes it possible to store such drive settings as device image, device name, portable launch settings and etc on your external drive and use these settings on other computers. What was changed?

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Take Zentimo beta quiz!

Apr 5th, 2010

The first version of Zentimo is released more than a week ago so you might have some experience with it and may share your thoughts on the program with us. Yes, we are really interested to know your opinion on Zentimo! To make gathering the feedback more productive we prepared a short quiz that you may find below. Please help us make Zentimo better by taking this quiz!

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